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VistaTrades Software Installation Instructions:

 1.    Refresh this page then click on the link below for the latest version when it's available.

 2.    The  file will end up in your Downloads Folder.  Open it.

 3.   When you get the "Windows Protected Your PC" warning, click on more details and "Run Anyway".  The .msi file is virus free and will not harm your computer.

 4.    Welcome to the Setup Wizard.  Click next.

 5.    Do  NOT Change the Directory! 64 bit processors must install to c:\Program files (x86) and 32 bit processors install to c:\Program Files. Click next.

 6.    Confirm installation screen.  Click next.

 7.   Installing VistaTrades.  This can take up to 3 minutes of no progress bar movement, so do not cancel.  After a few minutes another warning:

 8.    The unknown publisher warning. Click Yes.

 9.  The progress bar now moves during the install.

10. Text appears concerning how to launch the program as administrator if necessary.  Also, how to create a shortcut to your desktop if needed.

11. It is not necessary to delete previous installations.

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The software is free, so there is no code signing certificate to eliminate installation warnings. You'll have to bypass the warnings and/or temporarily modify your antiviral settings to get the installation to run.
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If you delete the .msi file, the desktop shortcut will no longer work. If this happens, delete the shortcut then make this new one: Navigate to c:\Program Files (x86)\VistaTrades. Right click on VistaTradesVersion327.exe, roll over "Send to" then click "Desktop (create shortcut)". This new shortcut works better anyway.