Changes Log

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Version 277 to 287:
Totally new concepts.  VistaTrades now colors all trading days as Green, Blue or Red.  Buy on Green Days or Blue Days.  Sell on Red Days.  

287 to 288:
Indexes are updated after every "Update Quotes" for any folder.
Added status info to "Update Indexes Now" button.
Lump Sum step 1 and step 2 screen appearance changed. 

289 to 290:
Stock symbols are limited to those found in these exchanges: NASDAQ, NYSE, NYSEMKT, NYSEARCA and BATS.  You can still add your own symbols using Yahoo finance syntax. 

290 to 291:
If you installed version 290 at any time, you'll have to click "Manage Files" then "Redownload 5 yrs of history for every symbol in AllStocks". Your historical data does not have enough history to run the screener, even if you install newer versions.

291 to 292:
Version 291 was unable to connect to for index updating. Added a one minute pause between AutoNotify runs. Removed the "End of Day Routine" button. 

292 to 293:
Version 292 was showing too many valid symbols as invalid. Do not delete invalid symbols using version 292.

293 to 294:
Version 293 did not allow a new stock symbol to be added, fixed.

294 to 295:
Version 295 AutoNotify function shows the Break Even Prices for MyStocks.

295 to 296:
Fixed errors in AutoNotify and Lump Sum Step 2.

296 to 297:
Fixed initial installation problems that would delete valid stock symbols.

297 to 298:
Changed the Add Transaction window.

298 to 299:
Expanded the TriVista Sell Signal to include a Blue Day if the day prior was a Red Day and the Blue Day shows TVI weakness.

299 to 300:
The formatting for historical data changed. No versions prior to 300 will function. The pause in AutoNotify was removed.

300 to 301:
Fixed a bug in charting to keep all price bars on the screen.

301 to 302:
WinRAR is now required to get historical data.

302 to 303:
The AllStocks Folder is now a vetted list of of about 700 RGB securities.  If you have been using versions prior to 303, you should use "Manage Files" and "Delete a List of Symbols from AllStocks" to remove ALL of the folders, one at a time.  This will take your AllStocks Folder down to the 3 monitored indexes plus any symbols you may have added yourself.  Next, use "Download and Extract AllStocks.rar from".  Then do "Update Quotes" for the MyStocks Folder to add them back in.  This will keep your AllStocks Folder down to a manageable content.

Version 303 to 304:
Some of the buttons in 'Manage Files' had errors.

Version 304 to 306:
Added stock market holiday checking to prevent unnecessary downloading.

Version 306 to 307:
Fixed a glitch in AutoNotify where it was stopping if ^RUI data was delayed.

Version 307 to 308:
Eliminated Update Fundamentals. A button shows Last EOD for AllStocks.rar.  Changed AutoNotify notifications. Changed exit routines for Update Quotes.

Version 308 to 309:
Update Quotes would not allow invalid symbol deletion, fixed.

Version 309 to 310:
Added timers to monitor the response times from AlphaVantage.

Version 310 to 312:
Added dialog to show the maximum number of Red, Green or Blue Days in a row and when it happened.

Version 312 to 313:
Fixed division by zero error if options were bought or sold.

Version 313 to 314:
Roll Scores less than 80% will now appear in the screener if you select "Buy Zone Reversal", "Sell Zone Reversal" or "Disregard Signals". A new folder "WeeklyOptions" was added.

Version 314 to 315:
New installation process was not making folders.

Version 315 to 316:
The ability to set the screener to find securities for selling Put Options was added.

Version 316 to 318:
Fixed a bug in "Enter a Transaction" for selling shares.

Version 318 to 319:
Removed the "Yearly Cycling Stocks" concept. Added "Sell Put Candidates" button.

Version 319 to 320:
Fixed a few glitches.

Version 320 to 321:
AlphaVantage no longer supports the index ^IXIC for the Nasdaq.  "^IXIC" was replaced with "IXIC" for now.

Version 321 to 322:
As expected, AlphVantage will not provide data for IXIC in any form, so it was replaced with the Dow Jones Industrial Average, (^DJI).

Version 322 to 323:
All references to trading on certain color days have been removed.  Red means the US Stock Market is generally high, Green means it's low, Blue means it's average.  There are plenty of trading opportunities on any color day.

Version 323 to 324 to 325:
AlphaVantage no longer supports the index ^DJI for the Dow nor the ^GSPC for the S&P 500.  ^DJI was replaced with ^XMI which is the NYSE Arca Major Market Index, similar to the Dow.  The ^GSPC was replaced with ^RUA, the Russell 3000.

Version 325 to 326:
AlphaVantage no longer supports indexes.  No references to day colors can be made. AutoNotify function disabled.

Version 326 to 327:
Several bugs fixed. AutoNotify active but no emailing available.