VistaTrades FAQs

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Q: Why the change from old concepts to new?
A: Previous signaling was based on TVI action in the buy zones and sell zones of the securities themselves, without regard to where the stock market was in terms of overbought or oversold. Backtesting proved that this concept was too risky. With the old concepts, the buy lists were quite lengthy and backtesting proved that half of them or more could end up losing money. That was unacceptable. Using the new concepts, the buy lists are much shorter and backtesting proves that very few of them end up losing money. There are many more opportunities for investors who go with the flow than for those who try to go against it.
Q: Is there phone or email support?
A: Not at the present time. However, VistaTrades does have a Facebook page. You can post questions or comments there.
Q: Will it run on a Mac?
A: It's easiest to create a Windows partition on your Apple product. Some Windows emulators will allow it to run without partitioning. CrossOver by CodeWeavers, Inc. has been verified to
Q: Do I have to update the stock quotes every day?
A: No, VistaTrades will back fill if you miss a day, a week, even years. Just keep in mind that if you update quotes while the market is still open, those prices will be locked in as end of day prices unless you do another update after the market closes and before it opens on the next trading day.
Q: Will it track Mutual Funds or penny stocks?
A: Yes, but you'll have to enter those symbols yourself using the syntax.
Q: What about global stock exchanges?
A: VistaTrades comes preloaded with historical data for these exchanges: NASDAQ, NYSE, NYSEMKT, NYSEARCA and BATS. You can add symbols from pretty much any exchange in the world provided you use the format.
Q: What about Stock Options?
A: You can use VistaTrades to determine when to buy or sell stock options based on the signals generated from the underlying stock. Your stock option trades will be tracked if you enter them into the “Actual Transactions” feature of the software. VistaTrades cannot look up historical options prices.
Q: What’s in the AllStocks Folder?
A: The AllStocks folder initially contains a vetted list of about 700 symbols from these stock exchanges:  NASDAQ, NYSE, NYSEMKT, NYSEARCA and BATS. Downloaded historical data is stored in the AllStocks folder. When you do an “Update Quotes” on any folder other than the AllStocks folder, all symbols in that folder are added to the AllStocks folder. Use the “Manage Files” button to remove unwanted groups of symbols from the AllStocks folder.
Q: Why doesn’t VistaTrades tell me to sell at a loss?
A: The software can’t read the news, so it doesn’t know why the stock price is falling. VistaTrades assumes the price will recover, so it recommends you buy more when the price is lower and another buy signal appears. VistaTrades will notify you what the drawdown is. It is up to you to determine whether or not you think the stock will recover, and at what point you should sell at a loss.
Q: Why are all the historical buys made the day after the signals instead of the day of the signals?
A: VistaTrades was designed for people who have regular working hour jobs to evaluate the end of day signals and place trades after the market has closed and before it opens the next day. You however, can look at the signals while the market is open and place trades immediately.
Q: Why won’t my stock symbol download?
A: All of the stock quote information comes from Since Alpha Vantage uses Yahoo financial syntax, if you enter your symbol or company name in the Quotes box on, you will be given the proper syntax for the symbol. Use the correct symbol in VistaTrades. 
Q: What should I do if the stock splits?
A: The most important thing to do is reload the entire history for the stock to allow the TriVista Indicator to be valid. Do this by clicking “Manage Files” followed by “Redownload ALL History for One Stock”. The correct prices are usually in place the trading day after the split. The “Add or Edit a Transaction” button will allow you to enter the split for tracking your shares.  Sometimes the historical data will NOT have the split adjusted.  You'll see this when the charts have huge price jumps, the historical performance numbers are ridiculous, or the symbol is in italics in the screener table.  At present, there is no fix for this.
Q: What about stocks I already own?
A: If your symbol is in the AllStocks Folder, enter all of your past transactions into VistaTrades. After that you can use the TriVista Signals to determine when to sell or buy more shares. Any action that should be taken will show up in the “Suggested Orders for Mystocks” table.
Q: Should I sell ALL of my shares on the sell signal?
A: Not necessarily. If you really like a stock, sell a portion of your shares, keep the proceeds aside and buy back in on the next buy signal.
Q: My system shows a signal, but my friends’ doesn’t?
A: The historical data is different. If both have the same data from the same starting date, the signals will match exactly.
Q: Can VistaTrades send me a text message when a signal occurs?
A: It has an AutoNotify function that will send emails to your smartphone when certain signals occur. Phone text messaging is not active yet. The emails are sent from you, to you. The email account you send from must be from your account with no extra security settings.