AllStocks Folder

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The AllStocks Folder contains approximately 700 vetted symbols from the NASDAQ, NYSE, NYSEMKT, NYSEARCA and BATS stock exchanges.  These exchanges have about 8200 symbols in all.  VistaTrades narrowed the list using the RGB concept.  RGB securities have a 5 year tested lookback of an 80% or more success rate of Buying at the Buy Signal and selling at the first ensuing Sell Signal at a profit. 500 nonRGB symbols from the "WeeklyOptions" Folder are also included, bringing the total to about 1200. You can add symbols from any global exchanges if they are not already in the AllStocks Folder.  Use "Manage Files" to add new symbols.  Not all symbols will be available for download. Use the format.

Other folders are: cboe, etfs, WeeklyOptions and MonthlyDividends.  The cboe (Chicago Board of Options Exchange)folder contains securities that have options trading available.  These securities can be on any of the major exchanges and are generally safe investments due to the many SEC restrictions put on them.  The etfs folder contains Equity Traded Funds, which are also on the major exchanges listed previously. The WeeklyOptions folder contains securities that have options that expire every week. The MonthlyDividends folder contains securities that pay monthly dividends.

VistaTrades uses WinRAR to download and extract historical data from Every effort is made to keep this file updated after market close every trading day. Downloading and extracting this file will NOT affect symbols you have added yourself. Those will update with the 'Update Quotes' button.