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In this example, figuring a $10 commission at each buy and sell:
     Approximately $1000 was invested at each buy signal.
     All of the shares were sold at each sell signal.
     The total profit after 4 buys and 4 sells was almost $600.

Thatís a gain of 60% in 9 months!

Version 277 is the most recent
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Day Trading vs. End of Day Trading:
VistaTrades was designed to be and end of the day trading tool.  Basically what that means is, you take a couple of minutes in your busy day, anytime from after the stock market has closed to when it opens again.  You update the stock quotes for the folder you want (usually the AllStocks folder), update the fundamentals, then run the screener looking for stocks that are ready to buy.  If the list is long, you can sort it various ways based on historical performance.  Historical performance does not guarantee future performance, but sometimes is does as you will see when you play with the back testing in this software.  After you have sorted the list, start from the top down and use your brokerage or to read what the analysts have to say and read some news on the stock.  If it's good, launch the rocket and buy it.  Enter your actual trades into the software and run the "Suggested Orders for MyStocks" function daily to take more action when needed.  Or set it up to automatically email you with suggestions.

Intraday Trading:
Update quotes and fundamentals and run the screener while the market is open for suggested buys and/or sells.  This is not day trading, it's trading during the day.

Day Trading:
This is a very risky strategy where you take a huge pile of money and throw it at a stock, hoping to ride it up in a few seconds or minutes for a quick profit.  If this is something that resonates with your psyche, and you want to try it, VistaTrades has a button that will show you a list of stocks that might be ok to day trade.  The triggers VistaTrades uses to find these are market open gap downs (the stock is hugely lower today than yesterday right at the start) and volume spikes (the volume today is more than double what it was yesterday).  VistaTrades can't read the news, so be careful.

If you are looking for cheap stock trading, Vistatrades can search through thousands of penny stocks in a dedicated folder, screening for stocks that are ready to buy or sell.

The VistaTrades stock screener works for all investment securities, including ETFs, mutual funds and currencies.

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As of 3/9/2015, Versions prior to 277 will NOT update stock prices.